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Indigo can facilitate production shoots in Abu Dhabi

Whether you wish to apply for the ADFC rebate, use a pass-through company for rebate expenditure, or simply want a filming permit, our production services division can help with the red tape.

Abu Dhabi Film Commission rebate application

As a company licensed to provide production services, Indigo may apply for the Abu Dhabi Film Commission rebate on behalf of companies from outside Abu Dhabi, who can recover up to 30% of production costs. Rebate expenditure pass-through services and on-location filming permits are also available.

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Rebate costs pass-through

For certain costs to be eligible for rebate, they must be paid to a supplier registered in Abu Dhabi. Indigo can act as a pass-through company, allowing services from suppliers from outside Abu Dhabi be provided via Indigo and thus eligible for the rebate.

Filming Permit

Indigo holds an annually renewable filming permit for use at locations throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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