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Intellectual Property says good ideas should be profitable in the UAE

4th January 2016


Good ideas should result in good money. That is the reasoning behind all copyright and intellectual protection. The owner of an innovation should be recognised and offered compensation for its use. This engenders enterprise by encouraging research and innovation. Companies and individuals can be assured of recouping money invested if an idea pans out, while also being assured that their intellectual works couldn’t be exploited without remuneration.

There are several forms of intellectual property. Copyright is one of them. Creators are given economic reward for the literary and artistic use of their material, including public, broadcasting and online use. A loosely affiliated intellectual idea is that of a trademark. A trademark, or service mark, is a word, name, symbol or device that indicates the source of goods or services, and distinguishes them from the goods of others. Another method of safeguarding intellectual property is a patent – which affords the property rights of an invention to its inventor.

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